Veterinary Services:

Fulfilling Pets’ Health Care Needs in Fairfax & Vienna VA Area

Cat treatment

When you bring your pet to Town & Country Animal Hospital, it will usually be for pet wellness care. Whether it’s for an annual exam, or to have pet vaccinations administered, or perhaps you are leaving town and wish to board your pet with us, we are always happy to provide these services.

There could come a time, however, when more advanced veterinary care is needed. That’s why it’s important to know that our animal hospital is ready and able to assist your pet with any health needs that may arise. Here is a closer look at some of the many services our highly-skilled veterinarians and staff can provide.

Veterinary internal medicine—Our veterinarians are extremely knowledgeable about all areas of internal medicine, including:

Veterinary diagnostics—Town & Country Animal Hospital is equipped with the latest in advanced diagnostic tools. Here are just a few that our veterinarians use to accurately diagnose and treat pet patients:

Pet critical care—When tragedy strikes and emergency veterinary services are required, our staff has the knowledge, experience, and high-tech equipment necessary to provide appropriate care. In addition, our intensive care unit enables us to supervise and tend to critically ill pets throughout the early stages of their recovery.

Veterinary surgery—Our skilled veterinary surgeons are experienced in performing everything from routine spay and neuter procedures to advanced orthopedic surgeries.

Pet pain management—We offer a variety of pain management solutions depending upon your pet’s specific condition, including:

Pet care services—We are pleased to provide these amenities at our facility:

Additional veterinary services—It’s not possible to list all of the pet health services we provide, but here are a few additional ones that may be especially helpful to you and your pet: