Non-Anesthetic Dental Care:

Now Offering Dental Surface Cleaning Without Anesthesia

Columbia Pike Animal Hospital is proud to partner with Animal Dental Care Inc. to offer anesthesia-free preventive dental surface cleaning to our patients!

This unique service is performed by highly trained, licensed dental technicians under the supervision of a veterinarian. All surfaces of your pet’s teeth are scaled to remove plaque and tartar and then polished to a shine. The veterinary hygienist has years of experience with this technique for routine dental surface cleanings. The technician holds the dog or cat in her lap while compassionately taking steps to reassure and soothe the pet into a calm and comfortable state. The specialized technique is gentle, meticulous, and drug-free. The cleaning itself takes approximately 30 minutes. However, taking into account each pet’s individual physical and emotional well being – some pets may require additional time to be eased into a relaxed state.

If the technician discovers oral problems that require further attention such as fractures, lesions, or loose teeth, the veterinarian will exam the pet and discuss with you recommendations for pursuing dental surgery to treat serious issues.

Non-anesthetic dental surface cleanings are a great maintenance tool to help manage bad breath and plaque accumulation, and spot the signs of progressive periodontal disease.

You can find more information on the licensed technicians who perform this service and videos of the procedure here:

Call us at (703) 273-2110 to schedule your pet for this service!