Veterinary Diagnostics:

Using Technology to Enhance Your Pet’s Health


While Town & Country Animal Hospital offers the personalized service and care of a small pet clinic, our facility is outfitted with latest in state-of-the-art veterinary diagnostic tools. This enables our veterinarians and staff to produce quick and accurate diagnoses, which can make all the difference—especially when a pet is critically ill or injured.

This advanced equipment also allows our veterinarians to more closely examine specific areas of your pet’s body using minimally invasive means. This leads to reduced anesthesia use, less physical and emotional trauma for your pet, and a quicker recovery time.

Veterinary Tools

Here are several of the veterinary diagnostic tools we use to care for pet patients:

In-house laboratory—Our veterinary laboratory can produce test results within 30 minutes, enabling us to begin treatment right away for pets that are experiencing a veterinary emergency. From complete blood counts (CBCs) and blood chemistry panels, to urinalysis and pre-surgery screenings, our in-house veterinary laboratory enables us to obtain vital details about your pet’s health.

Pet X-rays / radiology—Digital X-rays assist our veterinarians in evaluating your pet’s muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems. These high-resolution images are helpful when diagnosing bone fractures, hip dysplasia, and cat or dog arthritis. Radiology also is used to examine organs for irregularities, such as the presence of fluid, a tumor, a foreign body, or disease. In addition, our veterinarians use digital dental X-rays to detect pet oral conditions and disease, especially below the gum line.

Veterinary ultrasound—This non-invasive technology uses sound waves to painlessly examine a pet’s internal organs—primarily the heart and abdominal organs. It gives our veterinarians a three-dimensional view, providing a closer look at an organ’s structure and texture. Ultrasound technology also is used for pet pregnancy exams.

Electrocardiography—This tool enables us to monitor your pet’s heart rhythm and electrical impulses. If a pet is exhibiting symptoms of cardiac trouble, then this is one of the diagnostic resources our veterinarians will utilize. Electrocardiography is also one of the wayss we monitor pet patients that are undergoing veterinary surgery.

At Town & Country Animal Hospital, we do everything we can to ensure pet health and wellness. However, sometimes accidents happen or diseases strike. When they do, our veterinarians and staff have the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary to provide top-quality pet health care in a safe and timely manner.