You might think it will never happen, but as many as 1 in 3 pets get lost at least once in their life, and sadly, very few are returned to their original owners. Pet microchipping has made great strides in keeping pets and owners connected, and once the chip has been implanted, your pet won’t even know it’s there. We’re glad to offer a cat and dog microchip here at our animal hospital in Fairfax, because it’s an essential service that goes a long way towards solving the missing pet problem.

The HomeAgain cat and dog microchip is comparable in size to a grain of rice. This little transponder acts as a form of ID that has its own unique number, which must be registered under your name and contact information into the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database. Your veterinarian places the chip by injecting it between your pet’s shoulder blades, just under the skin. The chip will stay in place and last the remainder of your pet’s life (chips can last up to 25 years). The microchipping procedure is fast and painless, and can be done during your pet’s wellness visit or a standalone appointment.

Microchips do not function as GPS devices, and they don’t require a power source. Their sole purpose is to serve as permanent identification for your pet. If your pet gets lost and ends up at another animal hospital or shelter, a staff member can use a small handheld scanning device to read the number on your pet’s microchip. The scanner emits radio waves that provide the chip with just enough power to transmit its ID number to the scanner.