Pet spay and neuter surgeries are extremely common and highly recommended for a reason. They can prevent many future health and behavioral problems, and stem the tide of pet overpopulation. However, the final decision of whether your pet should or shouldn’t be spayed/neutered depends entirely on their personal needs. If you’re bringing in a puppy or kitten for the first time, we’ll discuss spaying and neutering and whether it will be a safe option for your pet. Safety holds precedence over everything else, and at our animal hospital in Fairfax, any treatment we suggest will be with their safety and comfort in mind.

There are many arguments we can bring forward in favor of pet spay and neuter surgeries, but most important are the direct benefits to your pet. These include:


  • No unwanted/unexpected pregnancies
  • No heat cycle
  • No spotting
  • No roaming tendencies
  • Eliminates possibility of uterine infections (like pyometra)
  • Eliminates possibility of developing mammary cancer


  • Reduces or eliminates spraying/marking
  • Reduces or eliminates aggressiveness
  • Reduces or eliminates tendency to mount other animals/people/objects
  • Eliminates possibility of developing testicular cancer
  • Eliminates possibility of developing an enlarged prostate

The appropriate age for having your canine or feline ‘fixed’ may vary depending on their size and health. Generally, we can perform these surgeries between 4-6 months of age, but for some larger dog breeds, we might need to wait longer. For females, it is ideal to have them spayed before they experience their first heat cycle. Your veterinarian will be sure to let you know when it’s time to schedule their surgery, if you’re unsure.

All necessary safety measures are taken prior to your pet’s surgery to ensure the best outcome. This includes a pre-surgical exam and bloodwork, and time to talk about the details and what you should expect throughout the process. As with other cat and dog surgeries, your pet will need to be dropped off at our hospital in the morning and picked up in the late afternoon. At pick-up time, we’ll go over recovery instructions, which will include when to feed your pet and where to keep them in your home during their recovery. We like to see our patients back for a checkup and suture removal 10-14 days after their surgery. For more information about our pet spay and neuter in Fairfax or to schedule your pet’s surgery, call us today at (703) 273-2110.