Dr. Ryan Alwiel



Dr. Alwiel is a Northern Virginia native, graduating from James Madison HS and working for a nearby vet clinic. He then went to University of Georgia for undergraduate, getting a Bachelors in Animal Science in the College of Agriculture. At UGA, he spent countless hours doing wildlife and large animal emergency medicine during his tenure, as well as watching UGA Football GO DAWGS. He then went to Midwestern University for his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Alwiel has a passion for behavioral, neurology, and preventative medicine. He believes in taking time to make sure pets have as less-stressful-as-possible vet visits.

Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. Alwiel has 2 feline friends named Bumi and Korra. He enjoys Cooking, Entertainment, Rock Climbing, Board Games, Basketball, Gardening (with aspirations of becoming a Master Gardener), Fishing, and the Outdoors. Other career paths he envisioned were Chef or Underwater Welder.